Board games exist since the ancient Egypt, the Roman and the Greek Empire. Some were similar to those we enjoy today, such as chess and checkers, although it is unknown how they were played back then, because their instructions were never found. Nevertheless, board games have been among us for thousands of years now.

Their goal is no longer only to entertain us as in ancient times, but to keep our mind active, increase the ability to learn and socialize with others – from heavy strategic and chance games to cooperative games, we have now a large collection to choose from.

In Jokos, International Board Games Con, you will be able to experience this huge collection. The exhibiting companies will show, teach and invite children and adults from all kinds of public (advanced to inexperienced) to enable you a great day playing all kind of board games. The list of exhibitors will consist of authors and publishers, distribution companies and specialized shops.

What are you waiting for, shall we play?